Iván Tosics

PhD, Managing Director. Metropolitan Research Institute. Budapest, Hungary

Iván Tosics is an “urban explorer”, eager to find interesting examples and good practices of cities to innovate urban development. Since his involvement in Eurocities (1998-2011) and URBACT (2008-onwards, as one of the Programme Experts) he is an enthusiastic believer in integrated and sustainable development, in which cities have to play a key role, both as local governments and as the natural leaders of functional urban areas and metropolitan territories. He strives to be an independent thinker who analyses EU-wide policies, exploring (as a critical friend) besides the achievements also their problems and deficiencies, from inclusion and sustainability angles. He is a passionate analyst of multi-level governance conflicts; e.g. how well-intended EU policies are miss-directed by national gatekeepers, and how financial support is misused by beneficiaries, especially local governments. Within urban issues housing is one of his specific topic of interest. He is one of the ‘founding fathers’ of ENHR, having been member of the Coordination Committee ever since 1988, the official launch of ENHR. As a passionate photographer, he is using his photos to organize the ENHR Slide Competitions.