Adjunct Professor, Centre for Urban ResearchRMIT University, Australia (based in Europe)

Dr Lawson is adjunct professor at CUR, RMIT (based in Europe) and an international housing researcher, urban planner and public policy analyst. Julie leads the #Housing2030 initiative for the UNECE, UN Habitat and Housing Europe, highlighting policy tools and good practices in affordable, inclusive and energy efficient housing and is co-editor of the journal Housing Theory and Society. Her recent international comparative work concerns post crises recovery in Ukraine, evaluates first home buyer assistance, examines financial system regulation and also land policies for affordable and inclusive housing. Julie led the influential Australian Housing and Urban Research institute (AHURI) research on Social Housing as Infrastructure Inquiry and the Investment Pathway Report as well as projects on Financial Intermediaries and Guarantees, providing key evidence for role and establishment of the National Housing Investment Corporation. Julie is currently working towards Australia’s future national housing strategy (AHURI) and co-produces the #Housing2030 podcast series Tools to Tame Financialization with Michelle Norris and Diana Yordanova (Housing Europe, UNECE and UN Habitat).